Friday, 3 May 2013

PHP function to find dates between two dates

PHP function to find dates between two dates

      Here i am going to write a function for finding dates between two Dates using PHP. It will output all the days between two given dates as a array. The main feature of this is,
      ->It will output all days in array format
    You can use this function to find number of days between given two dates as below.

Displaying all days:

            To display all days, just write the below code


Displaying Number of days:

          To display number of days between these two dates just use the below code

Main Function:              

 Here is the function to do all the above required things. Just copy it in your PHP file and display dates as i specified above.  

function createDateRange($strDateFrom,$strDateTo) {
//two dates formatted as YYYY-MM-DD and creates an
$iDateFrom=mktime(1,0,0,substr($strDateFrom,5,2),     substr($strDateFrom,8,2),substr($strDateFrom,0,4));     
iDateTo=mktime(1,0,0,substr($strDateTo,5,2),     substr($strDateTo,8,2),substr($strDateTo,0,4));
 if ($iDateTo>=$iDateFrom)     {        
array_push($aryRange,date('Y-m-d',$iDateFrom)); // first entry         
while ($iDateFrom<$iDateTo)         {             
$iDateFrom+=86400; // add 24 hours             
 }     }     return $aryRange; 
}  ?>

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